MLB Pitchers Who Threw 100 MPH+ in 2016

Major League Baseball has gone through phases of big hitters, quick runners, and now amazingly speedy pitchers. Years ago a pitcher that could through over 90 MPH was the star of the show. If you believe fast baseball pitchers do it with great arm strength, you are wrong. The fastest pitchers, first learn to control their pitches, then they focus on learning to control their entire body. Their goal is to get the torque they need to throw fast while maintaining control of the ball. A great pitcher will keep his throwing arm relaxed using the power his legs, stomach, and arm reach provide to apply the most torque to the ball. Pitching is more than physical, it’s an art form, that requires mastering, full control of the body, and ball.

Baseball has a few pitchers that truly have mastered the art of pitching hard and fast. There are even a couple of pitchers that have proven themselves to stand out with averages of over 100 MPH. After some research, I have compiled a list of pitchers that have thrown over 100 MPH during the 2016 season.

After recovering from surgery, Jose Fernandez arm was in better condition than it had ever been, he proved this by throwing a 100.2 MPH pitch. There is no telling how fast he may have become due to his tragic death in a boating accident in September of 2016.

Though a relief pitcher for the Rockies, Carlos Estevez has something that can’t be taught. His throwing speed for a rookie is amazing, averaging 98 MPH he has also thrown a 100.4 MPH pitch already.

Yordano Ventura may not be liked, yet he still ranks as one of the top fastball pitchers in the league. Ventura averages over 95 MPH and has topped out with a 100.5 MPH pitch as well.

The Cardinals, Carlos Martinez has an average of over 96 MPH. Martinez has also thrown pitches at 100.9 and a 101.3 MPH during his 2016 season.

Averaging at over 97 MPH is the Yankee’s Dellin Betances. Though a relief pitcher in the 2016 season he was also clocked with a 101.2 MPH pitch.

Ken Giles seems to have slowed down with home runs and hits, but his velocity has increased. The Astros relief pitcher is averaging at 98 MPH and was clocked with a 101 MPH pitch in 2016.

Garnering the nickname Thor, New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard is averaging almost 98 MPH. Syndergaard threw his fastest pitch yet which was clocked at 101.4 MPH.

Yankees pitcher Nathan Eovaldi improved in 2016. Eovaldi has taken his average from 96.6 MPH in 2015, up to 97 PMH in 2016. His career high is 101.6 MPH. However, we will have to wait and see how his arm heals after his elbow surgery.

During Arquimedes Caminero short career in the MLB, he was known as a wild pitcher. He threw a 102 MPH ball but did not have good control of the ball. Caminero played four seasons, then left for Japan.

We come to the best of the best. These two pitchers not only throw over 100 MPH they also average over that as well.

The Braves relief pitcher, Mauricio Cabrera averages at 100 MPH and was clocked at 103.2. He is ranked as one of the fastest pitchers recorded.

Worthy of standing on the mound in Yankee Stadium is Aroldis Chapman. Chapman holds the record for the fastest pitch in MLB history with 105.1 MPH. Though a lefty, he still averages at 100.9 MPH. Chapman definitely is the man to beat today.